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Enemies Payday 2 Payday Wiki. This is the list of Enemies in PAYDAY 2, along with detailed descriptions. A table containing all head shot multipliers and health values for these enemies can be found at the bottom of the page. Description. Enemy Type Security Personnel. Statistics. Health. Normal4. 0 Hard4. Very Hard4. 0 Overkill4. MayhemDeath Wish4. One DownHeadshot Multiplier. Normal2 Hard4 Very Hard6 Overkill3 MayhemDeath Wish3 One DownOther. Internal namevdeThe standard security guard, poor schmucks who just happen to get in the way of big bad robbers too often these guys wont pose too big a threat. A quick blow to the head with your rifle should do it. Bains description. The Security Guard is the weakest enemy in game with only 4. HP on all difficulties, armed with various small arms and a side handled baton for melee. These guards also have the ability to handcuff a heister for 6. There are several variations of the standard security guard. The most common type is the white shirted Washington Security guards that dots various maps and heists. These guards comes in three sub types. A Caucasian Hispanic guard that carries a Chimano 8. An African American guard that carries a Chimano 8. Pictured The ballistic vest does not affect his durability. This variant is mostly seen in security rooms, but can also be seen patrolling in some heists. An African American guard that wields a Compact 5 and wears a cap. In the Armored Transport DLC heists, guards also spawn with the transports. They have the same behaviour and same weaponry, but wear red Gen. Sec uniforms and are slightly more durable than standard security guards. They also appear in GO Bank, either as default spawns or sent in by Hillary, a Gen. Our range of customised Lego SWAT figures and tactical troops, each kitted out with military guns, SWAT helmets and body armour these little guys are set ready for. Basic SWAT Law Enforcement Tactical Operations for Terrorism Response Basic Concepts and Tactics ID006RESP The Preparedness of State and Local Law Enforcement. B6SrtZck7gQ/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Swat 4 Weapons' title='Swat 4 Weapons' />Swat 4 Weapons ModSec dispatch, as part of the levels random events. They also make a brief appearance in the PAYDAY 2 remake of the first games Slaughterhouse, appearing stunned and dazed beneath the crashed Murkywater convoy truck. A third relatively uncommon variant wears a black suit, sunglasses and uses a flashlight, reminiscent of Secret Service or similar government operatives. These appear in Day 2 of Big Oil, Day 2 of Firestarter, Day 3 of Framing Frame, Transport Train Heist, and Hoxton Revenge. Minecraft Survival Island Map Download 1.1. Big Bank has four unique security guard variants, which can be distinguished with their green themed suits. Weld Strength Calculator Software'>Weld Strength Calculator Software. They are all armed with the Chimano 8. A Caucasian Hispanic guard. A bald African American guard. A Caucasian guard with visible facial hair and wearing a green jacket. SWAT Special Weapons and Tactics officers are members of highly trained paramilitary units that tackle situations beyond the capability of conventional police forces. Weapons List. The weapons and items of San Andreas are divided up into ten classes or groups. Within each weapon class, only one of each type can be carried at any. Swat or SWAT may refer to SWAT Special Weapons and Tactics, a paramilitary unit of lawenforcement agencies Swatting, a hoax intended to provoke a response from. Das englische Akronym SWAT auch S. W. A. T. geschrieben steht fr Special Weapons And Tactics und ist eine Bezeichnung fr taktische Spezialeinheiten innerhalb einer. SWAT 4 Remake is a Mod that increases graphic quality and also adds new equipment and weapons. Le SWAT, acronyme de Special Weapons And Tactics en franais armes et tactiques spciales, est une unit spcialise existante dans les principales polices. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. This variant only patrols the vault area. A Caucasian guard wearing a flak vest and a pair of sunglasses. This variant only appears in the security room. The Alesso Heist has new guard models that are different from regular guards. These guards wear a vest with SECURITY written on the back and combat trousers. They patrol the arena as well as the loading dock at the bottom. They are armed with the Chimano 8. The Golden Grin Casino has a new guard model. This model wears a suit and patrols the front and back of the casino. They are armed with the Chimano 8. The Scarface Mansion has a guard model that wears a red shirt with a flak jacket. They are armed with a Chimano 8. Mansion. Description. Enemy Type Police First Responder. Statistics. Health. Normal4. 0 Hard4. Very Hard4. 0 Overkill4. MayhemDeath Wish4. One DownHeadshot Multiplier. Normal2 Hard4 Very Hard6 Overkill3 MayhemDeath Wish3 One DownOther. Internal namevdeThe bread and butter of the police force, normal coppers have standard training and a pretty good aim, though their survivability and firepower are limited. Bains description. Also known as the police officer or street cop, these police officers use either the Chimano 8. Bronco. 4. 4 revolver as of Update 1. Reinfeld 8. 80 shotgun, or Compact 5 submachine gun. For melee they use a police baton. They tend to arrive at the heist location about 2. Like Security Guards, they have 4. HP regardless of difficulty. There are several variations of police officers, each wielding a different weapon. A Caucasian officer wearing a police hat. They used to wield the Chimano 8. Bronco. 4. 4 revolvers after a patch. A bald African American officer with a pair of sunglasses. They wield the Chimano 8. An African American officer wearing a police hat and a jacket. They wield the Reinfeld 8. A Caucasian officer wearing a police hat, sunglasses and a Kevlar vest. They wield the Compact 5 submachine gun. The Kevlar vest has no impact on their health. All variants of the Metropolitan Police carry nightsticks, which they will employ against the heisters in close quarters. In the Green Bridge remake, a female Bronco armed cop officer can be seen, which appears to be a reskin of the female FBI office agent. Street cops, like security officers, have the ability to cuff heisters. On lower difficulty levels, street cops appear throughout the first assault wave, but are rarely present afterwards. On Overkill difficulty, they do not appear at all aside from the one or two pairs who arrive in police cars on certain heists the Hostage Rescue Team usually arrives first, 1. Note that in heists like the Jewelry Store, Mallcrasher, Ukrainian Job and GO Bank, Metropolitan Police officers can occasionally spawn outside of the main objective. One or two of them will be a normal uniform cop, while the other one will be wearing a Kevlar vest. Two of the warehouse guards on Day 2 of Election Day assuming the correct van was tagged or the entire database was retrieved on Day 1 will be Metropolitan Police as well. They function just like the guards when they see a criminal the only main difference is that when theyre killed, no pagers will need to be answered. It is worth noting that due to the structure of assault sequencing, aggressively eliminating a significant quantity of first responder police officers can greatly accelerate the arrival of the first assault wave. Players should exercise caution and, if possible, prolong a standoff state as this will buy them or their drills more time to work in relative safety. Rarely, Bronco. 4. Metropolitan Police officers may appear during assault waves on higher difficulties. They should be considered high priority targets as they can deal a lot of damage very quickly. They can easily be identified by their hats similar to the officer pictured and the distinctive report of their revolvers. Metropolitan Police Generally, they might be lightly armed and lack armor, but our regulars shouldnt be underestimated. They are almost always first on the scene, and fight hard to protect their city. Their kit is variable. Most carry the standard issue Chimano, but some will also pack the Reinfeld, the Compact 5 or even a Bronco. My Notes MPD rank and file. And a light breakfast for the bad guys. These units are poorly armed and armored. They might be the first responders, but being the first response doesnt mean being the best response. I cant fault their spirit. But they need to learn when to hold back, and let the heavier teams get on the scene, cos these guys are getting turned into ground chuck. Security Guard Unarmored and very lightly armed, usually with nothing more than a Chimano, Security Guards still pose a significant threat due to their pagers. With the press of a button, a vigilant Security Guard can raise the alarm, which will bring better suited reinforcements.

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