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Is there anything to listen to on shortwave I am asked this question, or a variation of it, almost every week Ive been thinking about buying a shortwave radio, but have heard that shortwave is dying out. Is there actually anything to listen to on shortwave Should I even botherIts no wonder I get asked this question so much. If signed, companies would be required to inform users of how theyre using the location data they collect, if the users decides to share it. First of all, the root website for the SWLing Post is SWLing. Indeed, if you search the internet for shortwave radio reviews or how to use a shortwave radio, youll most likely see this site somewhere near the top of the search results. So it makes sense that many of our readers are just starting out in shortwave. But the primary reason people wonder about shortwaves vitality and want to check its pulse, is due to recent news about shortwave broadcasters leaving the spectrum. Most recently, Radio Canada International, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Radio Bulgaria have all closed up shop, and broadcasters like the BBC World Service and Vatican Radio have trimmed down their shortwave offerings. Its unfortunate, and does make the continuation of shortwave seem doubtful to those who know less about it. The Edward R. Murrow Tranmission Stations slewable curtain antenna. Q2JExxvOO-4/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Live Share Grundig Radios' title='Live Share Grundig Radios' />Live Share Grundig RadiosQuestion So is there anything to listen to Answer Absolutely Regular shortwave radio listeners already know the answer to this question. Sure, the landscape of the shortwaves is changing, but its such a vast landscape that, even with a few major players dropping out, there is still so much to hear and appreciate. In fact, weve only been talking about  governmental international broadcasters, in the mainwhich doesnt even include pirate radio, clandestine stations, utility stations, religious networks, spy numbers stations, digital modes, and ham radio communications. Among others. Doubt me Well, thencheck this out 2. Grundig%20Satellit%206001%20%20Service%20Manual%20%20%20%20COVER.jpg' alt='Live Share Grundig Radios' title='Live Share Grundig Radios' />Hz of 3. Abaqus Free Download Full Version more. Meters on a Friday afternoon. The Win. Radio G3. DDC ExcaliburLast Friday, I spent a pleasant afternoon reviewing the Win. A format war describes competition between mutually incompatible proprietary formats that compete for the same market, typically for data storage devices and. Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Graphic Driver here. Radio Excalibur software defined receiver SDR. Perhaps my favorite feature of many modern software defined receivers is their ability to record not only individual shortwave radio broadcasts, but also record radio spectrum. In other words, instead of recording a single station on 9,5. Hz, the Win. Radio Excalibur and similar SDRs could easily record everything between, say, 9,4. Hz. Later, you can play back the spectrum to listen to and record individual broadcasts as if they were live. At least, this is exactly what I did last Friday at 2. UTC. Fast forward to yesterday  While listening and tuning through the Friday spectrum, I once again realized how many stations are crammed into this relatively small chunk of the shortwave spectrum. Yet I only captured about 2. Hz, or. 2. 5 MHz of shortwave spectrum. To put this in perspective, this is a chunk of spectrum so small, you could fit four of them between 9. MHz on your cars FM dial. And  what did I find A lot of stationsand a lot of variety In fact, I then went through and recorded 8 samples of the stronger broadcasts. Here is some of what I heard just in that wee swatch of spectrum Voice of Greece 9,2. Hz. Voice of Iran 9,4. Hz. WTWW 9,4. 78 k. Hz. Deutsche Welle  9,4. Download Gzip.Exe For Windows 7. Hz. Radio Riyadh  9,5. Hz. Radio Marti 9,5. Hz. North Quebec Service 9,6. Hz. Voice of Turkey 9,6. Hz. Here is how the actual spectrum chunk appeared on the Excaliburs display Note from the DDC spectrum window the one immediately below the tuning knob and S Meter that there are many, many other stationsindicated as spikes in the spectrum, abovethat I did not bother to record. I didnt set out to find the most active piece of shortwave spectrumI chose this one pretty much by chance. Is shortwave radio dead Only if youre not listening. Perhaps the real fascination I find in listening to recorded spectrum, as I did above, is that each time I go back through a recording, listening carefully, I find so many other items that I would have otherwise missed. In other words, the better your ears, the more you will hear. And theres lots to hear. A good portable radio, like the C. Crane CCRadio SW, can easily receive the major international broadcasters and even some low power regional shortwave stations. So, what are you waiting for Prove it to yourself. Pull out your portable radio, your tabletop, your SDR or your general coverage ham radio transceiver, and just listen. Theres still a vast, informative, oftentimes mysterious world out there on the shortwaves, simply waiting for your ears.

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