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Stephen Colbert Visits President Trumps Alleged Pee Tape Hotel Room. Stephen Colbert took viewers to a Moscow hotel room on his show last night. But it wasnt just any Moscow hotel room. It was the room where President Trump allegedly had two sex workers urinate on the bed as a sign of disrespect to Barack Obama, who had previously stayed in the same room. Member center practice schedule tournament schedule contact team sponsors privacy policy We are the Churchville Lightning updated 9242017. Backyard Baseball 2007 Pc. The BEST Baseball and Softball Coaching Clinics are BACK in CHERRY HILL Register Today For coaches, by coaches BeTheBest. And the segment is pretty nerve racking. By now youve probably heard about the alleged Trump pee tape that was filmed by Russian spies in the Presidential Suite of the Ritz Carlton in Moscow. President Trump himself has insisted its not real, pointing out in his defense that hes very much a germaphobe. But as 2. Other bizarre stories in the so called Trump Dossier, first published by Buzzfeed, have since been confirmed. The dog days of summer are here, so shouldnt astronauts hurtling through space get to enjoy some Earthly delights Today, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch some. C552&ssl=1' alt='Fever Softball Whc' title='Fever Softball Whc' />Colbert is the first American TV personality to film the room since Trump allegedly made it rain in 2. And without spoiling too much, Ill just say that the bed is the least interesting thing about the whole segment. Not only does Colbert give viewers a glimpse at the perspective from sitting in the bed youre looking right at the Kremlin he pulls a stunt that seems to get him in legitimate trouble with hotel security. Again, I wont spoil to much, but lets just say the idea that theres hidden surveillance going on in that room is more or less confirmed. That doesnt mean the pee tape is real, but given just how bizarre everything in Trumps orbit has been this year, its getting harder and harder to call the idea absurd. You. Fever Softball WhcFever Softball WhcChurchville Lightning Softball Home Page. Welcome to the Churchville Lightning website. Use the links in the masthead to browse through our site. Click on member center to login. Lightning in the Community. Please click here to visit our photo album, where you. Lightning functions. College Recruiters Our program has won 4 State Championships and finished in the top 5 in 4 national events over the past five years. Our players are ready to bring their winning attitude to your program. Installer Psiphon Linux. Click here to visit our recruiting page. You are visitor number.

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